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Can I Buy Adobe Photoshop Permanently?


Are you a graphic or animation student? Or maybe a producer who is fond of editing videos and making movies? Maybe as an academic, you want to use the best PDF reader program for your students?

Supportively, in this article, where we discuss Adobe, which has taken successful steps in the creation of many original and creative platforms like Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects in line with this and many other possibilities, we aimed to guide both readers and Adobe users by evaluating whether there is an option such as lifetime purchasing.

Can You Buy Adobe Apps Permanently?

What Are the Most Popular Adobe Apps?

  • Acrobat Pro: Control and read the files in PDF format.
  • Photoshop: Both photography and drawing applications with superior graphics performance.
  • Premiere Pro: A platform for editing and creating movies, mainly short or feature-length.
  • Illustrator: It allows you to create creative designs as a major graphics program.
  • Adobe Stock: A platform where you can find photos, drawings, video clips, audio, and more.
  • Adobe Express: It allows you to create major creative templates.
  • After Effects: Video editing and creation platform supported with visual effects.
  • Lightroom: It offers superior editing performance with powerful photo editing software.
  • InDesign: It allows you to make designs in PDF formats, such as books, digital magazines, and posters.

Can You Buy Adobe Apps Permanently?

Unfortunately, Adobe, which offers its users a choice in line with certain monthly or yearly plans, does not offer its applications for a lifetime. In these plans, where you can only buy the applications as a monthly or annual subscription, Adobe can usually put a much more affordable cost for annual plans. Of course, prices may vary for each application.

Can I Buy Adobe Photoshop Permanently?

The answer is, again, no, unfortunately. Adobe does not sell lifetime licenses for its applications and software, and it has two different subscription plans, monthly and annual. This includes, of course, the Photoshop app.

Is Adobe Photoshop Available for a One Time Purchase without a Subscription?

Adobe has removed the purchases for applications and software that have already passed the subscription planning mentioned above, as well as annual and monthly subscription programs, including visual project creation platforms such as Photoshop, Illustrator, or After Effect, either by subscribing to the application as a single subscription or under Creative Cloud. You can get the chance to use all of them together by subscribing.

In this direction, Adobe, like many other subscription planning platforms, offers its users a 30-day trial version. You can discover what features it has using the application or software you want to subscribe to within these 30 days. You can do this within 30 days without paying any money, or if you stop subscribing at the end of 30 days, you can also cancel it.

How Can I Cancel My Adobe Subscription?

Can I Buy Adobe Photoshop Permanently, set

As mentioned earlier, you can cancel the trial or plan of your Adobe subscription by following these steps;

  1. Log into your account when you are redirected to this site;
  2. In the Plans section, select the plan you want to cancel and click Manage Plan.
  3. Then select the Cancel Your Plan option in the window that appears. (*If there is a problem with the payment and the payment has been processed, such an option may not appear; try again after 24 hours in such a case.)
  4. After specifying the reason for cancellation, press Continue.
  5. After following the steps in line with the incoming window, your cancellation will be completed.

Can I Still Use Photoshop If I Cancel My Subscription?

With the license specified under the name of Perpetual license and which you will obtain with a one-time purchase, you can use not only Photoshop but also all other Adobe applications and software in an untimely manner, even if you have canceled your subscription.

However, in this case, if you cancel your subscription, your access to the software and the files in it will be cut off. The perpetual license mentioned above allows you to use the application only. On the other hand, you cannot access the developments and innovations on the application.

How Can I Buy Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc., for Permanent Use?

As highlighted above, unfortunately, Adobe applications and software cannot be made as a one-time purchase. Regarding this, Adobe works on applications and software only on a monthly and annual subscription system.

How to Subscribe to Adobe Apps & Software?

  1. You can reach the implementation plans from the specified address link;
  2. In this context, you will access a list of individual, business, student & teacher, schools & universities, as well as collective purchases such as Creative Cloud, where you can subscribe to a single application.
  3. Select the option you want from the list, choose one of the monthly or annual subscriptions, and click Buy Now.
  4. Enter your email on the screen and select Continue.
  5. Check the checkbox that you have read and accepted the Terms of Use and continue.
  6. Finally, you can complete the subscription process by specifying the payment method and information in the window.

Is There a Refund Option After Unsubscribing from Apps & Software?

Along with the 30-day trial option, Adobe platforms, where you have the opportunity to cancel your subscription at any time, also have a refund option. Subscriptions canceled within 14 days of the first order will be fully refunded. However, there is no option to refund the money fee for canceled subscriptions after 14 days otherwise.


In a nutshell, unfortunately, Adobe does not have a lifetime purchasing option, which offers its users the chance to subscribe to a bulk or single app for much application software with monthly and annual payment patterns and individual, business, student & teacher, schools & universities programs.

However, within the scope of the subscription, it offers its users 30 days of experience on the application or software and the chance to cancel whenever they want. It also provides refunds for cancellation processes made within the first 14 days.

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