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Are There Any Award-Winning Romance Audiobooks on Audible?


Audible becomes more popular every day because this is what the modern world’s busy people need. People can access many audiobooks and listen to the ones they want. People do not need to take extra time to read books. You can listen to books while traveling, commuting, or walking. So you can spend your time in a quality way.

Romances are one of the most popular types of novels in Audible. These are preferred because they are exciting but do not tire the brain too much. Although these are not preferred by everyone, they should not be underestimated since there are award-winning romances. So, which award-winning romances are available on Audible? Let’s see together. 

10 Award-Winning Romance Audiobooks to Add to Your Audible Collection

Then There Was You

Award-Winning Romance Audiobooks on Audible, then there was you
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One of the award-winning romance audiobooks on audible is Kara Isaac’s Then There Was You. It was published in 2018 and won a Rita Award. It is 9 hours long to listen to. The book is about the story of Paige, who intends to move forward despite all the bad things in her life, and John, who strives not to repeat his past mistakes.

The duo come together in the same band and organize their next tour. During the process, they try to put their lives together and also struggle against their differences. Despite all the fears and anxieties, they are prepared to risk everything for each other. You should add this romance, which gets full starts from most of the users.

Devil’s Daughter 

Award-Winning Romance Audiobooks on Audible, devil's daughter
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Lisa Kleypas’s historical love story Devil’s Daughter takes its place among the best award-winning romance audiobooks on audible. It was published in 2018 and won an Audie Award. It is 8 hours and 51 minutes long. Devil’s Daughter is the 5th book of The Ravenels Series by the author. Other books also have so many fans. 

In this book of the series, beautiful widow Phoebe decides to take revenge on her late husband’s friend from school. Phoebe meets this man named West Ravenel by chance, and without knowing who he is, she finds him very attractive. However, from the moment she realizes that he is the man she wants to take revenge on, she prepares to put her plans into practice by making him admire her.

The Duchess Deal

Award-Winning Romance Audiobooks on Audible, duchess deal
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The Duchess Deal is the first book of the Girl Meets Duke series. Tessa Dare’s book was published in 2017 and won an Audie Award. Thus, it took its place on our list of award-winning romance audiobooks on audible. The audiobook is 7 hours and 56 minutes long. In this historical romance, the Duke of Ashbury returns from the war and decides to marry to have an heir.

He decides to marry the Vicar’s daughter, Emma Gladstone. Duke makes his terms clear before marriage, however, Emma also has some terms of her own. Although Duke believes that they will carry out their marriage in a planned way only to have an heir, this arranged marriage will affect his life more than he thinks.

Tell Me

Award-Winning Romance Audiobooks on Audible, tell me
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Tell Me is the second book of A Love Me Novel. It is the winner of a Rita Award. It takes 6 hours and 45 minutes to listen to this book written by Abigail Storm. It was published in 2017. Samantha and Caleb are running a travel business together. Jane is Sam’s sister and she is a very shy girl and is afraid to follow her dreams. 

No need to give spoilers, but as a result of some sad events, Jane and Caleb, who have nothing in common, come together, and at a certain point, they start to see each other closer than ever. Of course, in this place where intimacy begins, they also cope with their sorrows. This is one of the most emotional award-winning romance audiobooks on audible.


Award-Winning Romance Audiobooks on Audible, reel
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Audie Award winner Reel was published in 2021. It is the first book of Kennedy Ryan’s Hollywood Renaissance series. It is 16 hours and 21 minutes long. Although it is so long, it is among the highest-rated books with 4.8 points. It also has many positive reviews about it. You can find ambition and love together in this book.

In the book, Director Canon Holt is looking for a lead actress for his musical. After seeing the understudy Neevah Saint on Broadway, he’s pretty sure she must be the lead in his movie. Meanwhile, a spark shines between them. As a book containing different elements, we can say that it is one of the most popular audiobooks in the audible.

The Highwayman

Award-Winning Romance Audiobooks on Audible, highwayman
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The Highwayman was published in 2015 and won an Audie. The writer of the book is Kerrigan Byrne and it takes 10 hours and 54 minutes to listen to. It is the first book of the Victorian Rebels series. The book tells the story of Dorian Blackwell, a rich, ambitious, and ruthless villain, and Farah Leigh Mackenzie, an innocent widow.

Farah Leigh Mackenzie has some dangerous secrets. By proposing to Farah, Dorian Blackwell wants to protect her and gain power against his enemies. But Farah isn’t stupid either. She also has some terms against this strong man. This passionate story is liked by many romance fans. This is one of the most interesting award-winning romance audiobooks on audible.

One in a Million

Award-Winning Romance Audiobooks on Audible, one in a million
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Rita Award winner One in a Million was released in 2014 and it is the 12th book of the A Lucky Harbor Novel Series. It takes 8 hours and 48 minutes to listen to this book on Audible. This is one of the award-winning romance audiobooks on audible that you should add to your list. The book is about a wedding planner Callie and her ex Tanner. 

Callie is a wedding planner, but she has no intention of getting married. However, she finds her ex-boyfriend Tanner more attractive than ever when she returns to her hometown. Tanner has a teenage son and even though he wants to be a good role model, it is hard when all the old mistakes reappear with Callie’s arrival.


Award-Winning Romance Audiobooks on Audible, revealed
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Revealed, which was highly liked by users, was released in 2006. It is the second book in the Fountain Creek Chronicles series. Tamera Alexander’s book is a Rita Award winner. Listening to the book takes 13 hours and 59 minutes. Although it is a long book, it is one of the best award-winning romance audiobooks on audible.

Matthew Texas is being chased by the bounty hunter and has come to Fountain Creek to apologize to his brother. Learning of his brother’s death, Matthew is shocked when he encounters his brother’s wife, Annabelle. What will Matthew’s relationship be with the woman who was the cause of his problems with his brother in the first place?

My Hope Next Door

Award-Winning Romance Audiobooks on Audible, my hope next door
Source: Audible

My Hope Next Door is one of the award-winning romance audiobooks on audible. It is 9 hours and 6 minutes long. This book by Tammy L. Gray won the 2017 Rita Awards. This is the story of Katie Stone returning to her hometown after many years. She hopes that her past mistakes are forgotten and forgiven while she supports her mother with her illness.

Here she meets an old acquaintance, neighbor Asher. He is the son of the town’s pastor. Asher has doubts about Katie since he doesn’t have very good memories of her from the past. But unexpectedly, they become close. The book, which contains many emotional and spiritual elements such as hope and love, has been liked by most users.


Award-Winning Romance Audiobooks on Audible, outlander
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The first book of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander was published in 1991. It’s not a new book, but it has become more popular lately after the release of the series. Outlander has a Rita Award. This book is one of the longest audiobooks on Audible. It takes exactly 32 hours and 38 minutes to finish. 

This historical romance also has some fictional elements since it is about time travel. Set in the 1940s, nurse Claire Randall intends to return home and meet with his husband after World War II. However, she finds herself in 1743 Scotland after running into an ancient stone ruin. Will Claire manage to turn back home, or will she be stuck in this timeline?                                          

Which Award Is Given to the Best Romance Book?

The Vivian Awards, formerly known as the Rita Awards, is organized by Romance Writers of America. Although the RITA Awards, which started in 1980, continued to be the single most important award in its field for many years, it was canceled in 2020 as a result of some discussions and disagreements within RWA. The name of the award was later changed to Vivian Awards.

The Vivian Awards were given for the first time in 2021. There were 18 categories in total. However, many people agreed that controversial parts of the organization continue even after it has been renewed as Vivian Awards, and they were not satisfied. However, some of the previous winners of the Rita Awards were Take the Lead (2018) and Her Every Wish (2017).

Another important award for romance books is the Rona Awards which is held in the UK. It began in 1960 and was organized by the UK-based Romantic Novelist’s Association. The award consists of 9 categories. Past winners of this award include the widely read and later filmed The Other Boleyn Girl (2002). There are certain rules for this award. It is only open to authors who live in the UK.

Which Award Is Given to the Best Audiobook?

Award-Winning Romance Audiobooks on Audible, app
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The Audie Award is given by the Audio Publishers Association every year. It was first given in 2004 and has continued since then. To be nominated, publishers must be sent for their work between the specified dates. Audiobooks are evaluated by the jury according to various criteria. There are different categories. There must be at least 6 applications in a category, otherwise, this category may be canceled due to lack of participation.

 The jury consists of experienced evaluators and audiobook listeners. The evaluation process has 3 stages. Firstly, all the applicants are listened to for at least 30 minutes and the selected ones go to the next stage. The judges then listen to all the selected audiobooks and rank them. Thus, finalists are selected according to the ranking. Up to 6 finalists are selected for each category.

Finalists were announced publicly. Later, final evaluations are made according to performance, direction, production, and content. At the end of the final evaluation, the winners are announced at the annual gala of the Audio Publishers Association. After this, the winners are also announced on the APA website. APA members can attend this gala by purchasing tickets. This is an exciting event for all finalists, audiobook fans, and listeners.

What Is the Best Romance Audiobook?

There are many good romance audiobooks out there. So what is the best romance audiobook? Although it is difficult to choose between them, we will mention some of the best ones. One of the best romance audiobooks is Outlander, which was also very popular as a series. This best-selling book is a historical romance, but it also has fictional elements. It has many fans and no doubt that it is one of the best.

Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice was published in 1813. It is the love story of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. It is a well-known novel, and it is also popular as an audiobook. This novel is a classic, so it is enjoyable to read or listen to anytime. As a result, it is one of the best romance audiobooks for those who love timeless love stories.

Bared to You, is another bestseller. It is about a modern love story, unlike the other two books. It is about Eva and Gideon’s stressful lives and their passionate relationship. As a result, Outlander takes the lead. On the other hand, Pride and Prejudice is a love story that will never lose its popularity, and Bared to you has already become one of the indispensables of romance audiobook fans. 

What Romance Should I Listen to in 2023?

Award-Winning Romance Audiobooks on Audible, orange background
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There are many romances expected to be released in 2023. So which new books should we add to our reading list this year? One of the most expected romances of this year is Highly Suspicious and Unfairly Cute. This is the upcoming book by bestselling author Talia Hibbert. We will read about the relationship between the former best friends Bradley & Celine which came together because of various events.  

Exes and O’s is another romance that will be released in 2023. Amy Lea’s upcoming book seems to be taking attention from the moment it is released. The story is about a girl called Tara who decides to give her exes another chance. As a result of this decision, one of her exes, Trevor, gets involved in her life. 

Besides all these modern love stories, another romance expected in 2023 is One Night in Hartswood, which is set in 1360s Oxfordshire. If you enjoy reading passionate and historical romances, you’ll love this too. Many more books are coming out in 2023. It is difficult to talk about them in advance. However, we tried to pick a few for you. You can add these romances to your reading list.


In this article, we talked about award-winning romance audiobooks on audible. Apart from the ones we mentioned here, you can listen to many other award-winning romances on audible. You can read the contents of the books and also see the reviews of other users. In this way, you can choose a romance that suits you.

We also recommended some of the best and newest romances. As we mentioned, new books will be released in 2023. It is possible to find books with very different content in audible. You can listen to modern, historical, and fictional novels. We hope our article was useful for you. See you in other articles.

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